Moody Pastels and Grey

I loved the Designers Guild Portier wallpaper we had at our old house.  I still love the colour scheme but am thinking of going with a slightly darker variation of the Portier wallpaper.

Contemporary Elegant Cloakrooms

contemporary cloakroom

People say that cloakrooms are where you can get a bit edgy. It’s a small room and a bit of drama will go a long way. Some examples of simple yet sophisticated cloakrooms. Contemporary Cloakroom by Hallandale Interior Designers & Decorators 2id Interiors Contemporary Cloakroom by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers Reid Smith Architects Contemporary Read Post

All About Frameless Showers

frameless shower enclosures

In a small space, a frameless shower is ideal for giving the illusion of space. I have started seeing more of these shower and bath enclosures.  Useful if you have limited space but have someone who likes to splash a lot in their shower. Also, handy for bathing kids I think!

Hand-Drawn Indian Bottle

Here’s the bottle which I bought at House by Betty.  It is a simple Indian Kingfisher beer bottle transformed by a hand-drawn pattern. I have it on a window ledge together with a favourite quote from Robert Browning, a Victorian English poet.  

A Schwoerer Haus German Kit House Factory Visit

Schwoerer Haus Factory

Well, I finally got my factory visit organised at a date and time convenient for both Schwoerer and myself for the German kit house we are building. You get sent to the little town of Reutlingen outside of Stuttgart. Pretty much everyone in the are works for Schwoerer Haus.   The one (and only) accommodation Read Post

A Glamorous Mud Chandelier

Dassie Mud Chandelier

You wouldn’t think mud could be glamorous would you?  I usually associate mud with muddy boots, facials, wet dogs and Peppa Pig.  Now, though, I am convinced mud could be the coolest thing in interiors. I absolutely fell in love with this natural mud chandelier at the home show, Top Drawer, last month in London. Read Post

How To Create a Sinuous Contemporary Kitchen

breakfast bar

I find so many modern, minimal kitchens are just stark.  As nice as these kitchens are, I find them interchangeable and frankly, quite forgettable.  I was, however, really captivated by this Splinterworks kitchen recently completed in London. It’s got the usual London home dynamic – rooms that lead into each other with the garden at Read Post

The House That Got Away

Over the summer we were looking for another home on Martha’s Vineyard.  You know me, as soon as our summer house got finished I was onto my next project!  I absolutely fell in love with this house in the Chilmark area of Martha’s Vineyard.  It was built by a doctor and an artist who were Read Post

My Top 5 Pet Peeves in a House

greek pillars

In my recent post on buying a newly refurbished place, I mentioned that nothing was going to be exactly to your taste.  You need to assess how much you can live with and what any changes will cost. Here are my top 5 pet peeves as illustrated by a recent development that I visited. 1. Read Post

The World’s Most Expensive Homes

I found this infographic on the top 10 most expensive homes in the world interesting for the random trivia it includes. I enjoyed reading it so much I looked up some of the houses for more random trivia.  Although Versailles in Florida when it is finished will be the largest family house in the United Read Post