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Kenwood’s Colourful Library


I had the pleasure of having a tour of Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath a couple of weeks ago.  English Heritage has undertaken a fabulous restoration of Kenwood.  The result is light and bright, a far cry from the austere, gloomy house I remember from visiting a few years ago. […]

High Drama at High Tea

planet cake

I always find myself ready for a snack after visiting a museum or other excursion but usually museum cafes are fairly uninspiring and crowded.  The Drawing Rooms of the Ampersand Hotel is a perfect alternative if you are visiting the museums in South Kensington.  I was delighted to be invited with a […]

The New Terrariums


Interested in creating a terrarium for your home?  Terrariums are simply a fancy word for little gardens enclosed in a glass case. They were popular with the Victorians and are now in vogue again.  Presumably urban minimalists with limited outdoor space and/or crafting enthusiasm need a (small) outlet for their […]

A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

camel racing

I was asked about my favourite night’s sleep while travelling.  Recently, my hands-down favourite place to bunk down was the guest bedroom in my friend’s flat in Abu Dhabi.  The flat is part of the St. Regis Abu Dhabi located on the Corniche which has both a hotel and residential […]

Pop Art At The Sleep Hotel

Purpose Design_2Z9C3142small

The Sleep Hotel was a brief given to create 6 hotel rooms inspired by Pop Art at the Sleep Event which showcases European hotel design.  Sleep Hotel has been dubbed the ‘catwalk of hotel design’ and brought together 6 different leading and emerging hotel room designers to create a full-size hotel […]

Contemporary New England Coastal

photo:  Stephen Blatt Associates

Last we left our befuddled protagonist (me), I was knee-deep in macrame and dark brown furniture in Edgartown.  As ever, I turned to a trusted source of information – the bookstore. In my favourite Vineyard bookstore, A Bunch of Grapes, I found this gorgeous book, Martha’s Vineyard:  Contemporary Living by Keith […]

Summer Home Reno: Inspiration

old furniture in a field

Bricks and stones won’t break my bones, but they can send me into a state of frenzy.  The only way to not drive yourself crazy is to be fairly organised.  First, though you need to come up with the inspiration!  After all, you have to know what to organise. I […]


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