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A Facelift for a Mock Tudor House

mock tudor

We bought Casa del Dumpo with two alternative planning permissions in place.  One option allows for the refurbishment of the current house which would result in a modernised  Mock Tudor house.  The second option allows for a total rebuild but along traditional lines. With its brick facade and a pillared entrance, in […]

Will A Teardown End In Tears?

front of house

I’ve recently been on the search for a new London home.  It’s always the same – lots of overpriced properties that you have to sift through to find one possible house that you would consider buying.  My ideal house would be a teardown – an existing house that you can […]

Home Renovation Update

front porch added

Our summer home has been having a facelift over the winter.  The wish list I set out last year for our architect was definitely ambitious.  Due to budget and timing constraints we have had to cut back completely on adding the garage.  I won’t get to visit our house until […]

Summer Home Reno: Inspiration

old furniture in a field

Bricks and stones won’t break my bones, but they can send me into a state of frenzy.  The only way to not drive yourself crazy is to be fairly organised.  First, though you need to come up with the inspiration!  After all, you have to know what to organise. I […]

A Triumph of Hope Over Experience?


I always start a house renovation with such positive thoughts.  Usually, the positivity lasts until midway through construction.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be sanguine this time because I’ll be supervising the process from across an ocean.  I’ll either be stressed because I won’t know what’s happening or blissfully […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?


I’ve joined the fabulous Annie of Mammasaurus in her link-up which allows me to snoop on other people’s gardens.  I’ve never been able to resist peeking in windows which are not covered.  My garden voyeurism in recent years, however, has been limited to front gardens which in London tend to […]

London’s burning

How’s this for a fun fire screen?  With the fireplace working, it looks like London’s on fire. It’s from Lettera G, an Italian company, which until recently was called G Spot.  Clearly something got lost in translation there!  Anyway, the fire screens come in two designs – London 1666 (the […]

Make you wanna jump!

My children love bouncing on trampolines (in any weather).  It’s good way to burn off some excess energy without going to the park.  In winter, London playgrounds close at 4pm and they only get out of school at 3:30. Old school trampoline: What an eyesore! Especially in a tiny patio […]


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