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The Original Conspicuous Consumers


In honour of the 300th anniversary of the first King George  acceding to the British throne, the British Library is currently showing an exhibition entitled The Georgians Revealed, Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain. A fascinating exhibit which draws many parallels between Georgian times and the current day, […]

The Silk Route


Have you ever had too much of a good thing?  I felt exhausted after London Design Week.  Now, that I have some distance from it, I’d like to revisit some of the shows I visited with renewed enthusiasm. Interior designer, Kit Kemp, was asked to design the entrance to the […]

Of Hens and Houses


My friends who live a couple of streets away from us raise hens in their back yard.  Yes, we’re still talking zone 2 of London here.  The local urban foxes probably salivate over these beautiful birds but they are safeguarded by an intricate security system.  Over the last 2 years, […]

American Eclectic

Coral and taupe place setting

In honour of Independence Day weekend in the United States, I’ve put together a mood board showcasing some of my favourite red, white and blue accessories from two American designers, Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler, who are known for quirky cool.  For fairness, I have chosen one designer from the […]

My Dad’s Advice

Father and daughter

I think fathers got short shrift on the home front.  Most people associate home with their mothers (probably because mothers tend to do the housework and be around the house more).  You can definitely learn just as much from your father as your mother about homemaking and houses. So I […]

What About A Home of Your Own?

How do you make a home your own?  Sally Coulthard, a Yorkshire-based stylist and author, thinks she has the answer. She has written a fascinating book called A Home of Your Own:  Creating Interiors with Character.  As you would expect with her background, the photos are beautifully styled.  She also […]

Spotlight on Draisci Studio

I met Francisco Draisci at May Design Week, the head of Islington-based Draisci Studio.  The multi-disciplinary practice of 4 architects  work on a variety of projects including residential builds and art installations. This umbrella installation entitled Spring Forest was created in collaboration with Fulton Umbrellas for Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.  The […]


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