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Oh Buoy! Nautical Salvage Style

bouys on a fence

As a island, buoys are a fairly commonplace sight on Martha’s Vineyard.  Some stylish islanders, however, are finding creative ways to use buoys around their house and gardens.  I’ve heard some of the older islanders are astonished at the prices you can get now for disused or damaged buoys!  The […]

Diamonds For Your Home

yellow grey cage light

You know I have a love affair with industrial design, right?  Cage lights and industrial design are forever linked.  You do, however, find some uninspiring new designs of cage lights. Yet, the original vintage but rewired cage lights tend to be really pricey.  And, let’s face it some of them […]

Mid-Century Modern Style on a Budget


My favourite design-inspiration room set at Grand Designs last week was created by Maxine Brady, an interior stylist from Brighton.  Entitled “Inspiration for First Time Buyers”, she has perfectly created a style-conscious, budget-friendly look in a limited space.  The finished look relies heavily on the current trend fashion for mid-century […]

Rattan for Inside and Out

Swivel San Brown

Our rental house in North Carolina last week was a typical Southern beach house.  The house was blessed with double porches and large windows which gave fantastic views over Currituck Sound. This house had one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever sat in.  It was fairly unattractive […]

Coastal Style Inspiration


We are visiting friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Easter.  The beautiful beach environs inspires me to think of coastal style. I think these rules are apt because there really shouldn’t be any more expectations of life at the beach than these rules.  I’m considering buying this […]

A Little Something Red

red pillows

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day which always seems so commercial and forced.  When I was living in Japan, I learned about “White Day” which is even more commercial and forced having been invented in 1978 by a Japanese confectionary company.  The distinction is very simple — on […]


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