I HEART the Stingray Rocking Chair

I saw this chair at the Schwoerer Haus showroom and fell in love.  Having spent a full 6 days of my life at this showroom, this chair was my go-to comfort seat when picking tiles (for 5 different bathrooms no less).

The Stingray Rocking Chair by designer Thomas Pederson for Fredericia is an update on a classic rocking chair. The design is supposed to evoke a stingray floating through the water.  It’s folded from one piece of vacuum-bolded plastic.  I can tell you that it’s super comfortable.

The Stingray Chair by Danish designer Thomas Pedersen

The Stingray Chair by Danish designer Thomas Pederson

Newer options included moulded wood or even fully/partially upholstered.   I think I prefer the moulded plastic version.

stingray upholstered chair

what do you think of the fabric version? I think it detracts from the sculptural beauty of the piece.

Frederica stingray chair

The non-rocking chair version – No Bueno IMHO


Here is the designer talking about his design.

Of course, all this beauty comes at a price. It’s about $2000 in the USA and about £1500 in the UK through Scandium.  The upholstered version is about $4000 in the USA and about £4000 in the UK.  I guess they haven’t heard about adjusting for exchange rates which would make it “only” about £2800 in the UK.   I guess I better get saving!

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