The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Contains a Weber Barbecue

When you think of an American barbecue grills, chances are you will automatically think of the brand leader – Weber Barbecues.  The Weber barbecue comes in all sizes and shapes – charcoal, gas, electric, portable and built-in.  There are even smoker barbecues for when you want to smoke meat perfectly. We’ve got two Weber barbecues – our workhorse at our summer home which is used most nights to grill dinner. We’ve also got a smaller Weber barbecue in London which thanks to the weather doesn’t get as much use.

The Weber Barbecue

If I had my ideal barbecue, it would be an outdoor kitchen like this one. There’s a bar set up area where the kids can eat whenever they come in from running amok.  The table and chairs are for the adults to hang out with a beer or two and some delicious barbecue.

The ultimate American BBQ is a Weber BBQ.

This is my dream outdoor kitchen.

Some other gorgeous outdoor kitchens to salivate over:

This outdoor kitchen has a Weber barbecue and a smoker.

This covered patio area takes care of the British perpetual rain problem.

This small but stylish outdoor kitchen has everything you could possibly need.


Check out Apartment Therapy for a gorgeous collection of outdoor kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Weber’s American BBQ

Along with the time-honoured barbecue, Weber’s now got a new book out called Weber’s American BBQ: A Modern Spin on the Classics.  Like the contemporary outdoor kitchens, this book is all about honouring American classic dishes while still maintaining current thought on what’s healthy.  Sorry, that means toning down on the mayonnaise.

The author, Jamie Purviance, has not sacrificed any of the flavour though. The book  has a small introductory section introducing you to the variations of barbecue and how it all works. Then the recipes are divided into starters, sides, meats, fishes and seasonings.  There are recipes for old favourites with a new twist like smoked chicken nachos, baby back ribs and steak with an expresso glaze.  I also appreciated the comprehensive section on rubs, glazes and sauces which you can use anytime (even without firing up the barbecue!).

The ultimate American BBQ is a Weber Barbecue

Weber Barbecue now has new book on American BBQ which takes a modern spin on classic dishes.

I was given a review copy of Weber’s American BBQ: A Modern Spin On The Classics. All opinions are my own. This article contains affiliate links which will not affect the cost you pay for anything you purchase but may earn us a small commission.

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