Shopping for Venice Carnival Costumes at a Venetian Palazzo

Shopping for Venice Carnival Costumes at a Venetian Palazzo

What could be a better setting for shopping for beautiful Venetian carnival costumes than a pop up store held in a converted Venetian palazzo?  The pop up store was the outpost of a Milanese atelier which creates one of a kind costumes for the elaborate Venetian balls held during February for Carnival.  We heard about Read Post

The Silver Trident Winery Tasting Home and Ralph Lauren Home

The Silver Trident Winery Tasting Home

In fancy Yountville in Napa Valley, the Silver Trident Winery does something different for its wine tasting room. Frankly, when you have a zillion wine tasting rooms in a small area, you really do need to come up with fresh ideas on how to make the experience cool and different. What is a small selective Read Post

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Contains a Weber Barbecue

The ultimate American BBQ is a Weber BBQ.

When you think of an American barbecue grills, chances are you will automatically think of the brand leader – Weber Barbecues.  The Weber barbecue comes in all sizes and shapes – charcoal, gas, electric, portable and built-in.  There are even smoker barbecues for when you want to smoke meat perfectly. We’ve got two Weber barbecues Read Post

Inspiration For Luxury Master Bedrooms From The Abu Dhabi Suite

Inspiration for Luxury Master Bedrooms

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi has the world’s highest suspended suite which runs between its Nations Towers. Located on the 48th and 49th floors, this suite is located over 200 meters above sea level.  Rather unimaginatively, this suspended suite is called the Abu Dhabi Suite. Such luxury on a grand opulent level is spread out Read Post

Quirky Elegance at a Boutique Hotel in Bath England

Quirky Elegance at a Boutique Hotel in Bath England

I feel that so many small small hotels have boutique hotel aspirations. Similar to the concept of eclectic design, some people think you can throw some vaguely bohemian things together and call it a design. We stayed recently at 51 Great Pulteney Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Bath England, which is worthy of the name. Read Post

A Visit to London’s Spirit of Christmas Fair 2016

Gifts on show at the Deck the Halls stand at the Spirit of Christmas Fair  2016, at Olympia, London

Did you have a chance to visit the Spirit of Christmas Fair for 2016? It always sets me up for the Christmas season.  Even if it is always in early November which is technically before Thanksgiving, I’ve been living in London long enough to let this timing slide.  On the plus side, you do get Read Post

A Prison For Witches

The Cage, a former witches’ prison, in England

Fancy buying a real English witch prison?  There’s a tiny house for sale in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex which used to house local witches.  The 2 bedroomed semi-detached house is on sale for a snip below £280,000.  Ok, the downside is you have to live in Essex but on the upside  you could live in a Read Post