Over the summer we were looking for another home on Martha’s Vineyard.  You know me, as soon as our summer house got finished I was onto my next project!  I…

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Holly Francesca is a London-based illustrator who creates charming art prints based on her drawings.  A lot of her work revolves around London, whether it is as landmarks or maps.…

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I’m feeling antsy on the interiors front because Casa del Dumpo is back in the planning application process.  I wanted to make some minor changes to the planning application that…

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If you are feeling adventurous in your interior design and want to channel the urban street look, I recently came across some graffiti-inspired porcelain tiles.  With these tiles it really…

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Out and About

Have your New Year’s resolutions made it to this week yet? I only have one resolution and its so nebulous that I should be able to maintain it. Yes, I…

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About Me

I can’t believe another year is almost over.  Today is the last day of school for my children for this year.  I will be taking time off from posting on…

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Out and About