How To Create a Sinuous Contemporary Kitchen

breakfast bar

I find so many modern, minimal kitchens are just stark.  As nice as these kitchens are, I find them interchangeable and frankly, quite forgettable.  I was, however, really captivated by this Splinterworks kitchen recently completed in London. It’s got the usual London home dynamic – rooms that lead into each other with the garden at Read Post

The House That Got Away


Over the summer we were looking for another home on Martha’s Vineyard.  You know me, as soon as our summer house got finished I was onto my next project!  I absolutely fell in love with this house in the Chilmark area of Martha’s Vineyard.  It was built by a doctor and an artist who were Read Post

Feeling SmugMug with My Photos

photo of a man taking a photo

One of my New Year’s resolutions (slightly more task-oriented than the general slogan Carpe Diem!) is to organise my photos.  Like many of you, I have so many digital photos – mostly stored in digital format and with very few printed copies.  Digital photos are a boon in that you can take lots of photos Read Post

Personalised Map Art Prints

Highgate map by Holly Francesca

Holly Francesca is a London-based illustrator who creates charming art prints based on her drawings.  A lot of her work revolves around London, whether it is as landmarks or maps.  She has several maps of London neighbourhoods, including Highgate, Hampstead, Chiswick, Southwest London and East London.  What makes her maps really special though are that Read Post

What Should Be A Simple Renovation

lemon yellow bathroom

I’m feeling antsy on the interiors front because Casa del Dumpo is back in the planning application process.  I wanted to make some minor changes to the planning application that was granted to the developer from whom we had bought the house.  Typically, the minor changes got bigger as soon as we started looking at Read Post

Tag Tiles for Your Home

bansky tile

If you are feeling adventurous in your interior design and want to channel the urban street look, I recently came across some graffiti-inspired porcelain tiles.  With these tiles it really does look like someone tagged your walls or floors. These graffiti tiles are from Spanish tile manufacturer Peronda are suitable for both domestic commercial use Read Post

The Taste of Travel: Home and Abroad

onion blossom from belthazar

I like to eat as much as I like to travel and good food is an integral part of our life whether at home or abroad.  Celebrity Cruises has just been voted Ocean Cruise Line of the Year in the 2014 Food and Travel Awards.  To celebrate they are running a #tasteoftravel blogger competition in Read Post


carpe diem

Have your New Year’s resolutions made it to this week yet? I only have one resolution and its so nebulous that I should be able to maintain it. Yes, I am going to seize the carpe out of that diem.  I’m not sure about the specifics of what that entails.  My family is a little Read Post

The Most Magical Time of Year

christmas message

I can’t believe another year is almost over.  Today is the last day of school for my children for this year.  I will be taking time off from posting on this blog to spend time with them. They are still at that age when Christmas is magical and Santa is a real possibility even though Read Post