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Fabulous Fabrics in the Living Room

bluestem curtains

I am knee-deep in renovations for our new house.  Unfortunately, Casa del Dumpo is still in the early stages of work, specifically the carting-rubble-away-in-skips stage.  Not very exciting. I’ve been looking at window dressings for the new house, including the living room, to keep me inspired through the long slog […]

Hail Britannia in Contemporary Ballet

Shaadi Dance

George Balanchine, who was one of the early promoters of contemporary ballet, described his work as a melange of different influences weaved into a form which itself is a mesh of classical ballet and modern dance. “God creates.  I do not create.  I assemble and I steal from everywhere to […]

Put a Hex-agon on Your Room

B&B italia hive collection

Hex-quisite Design.  Design Hex and the City.  Interiors Hex-traordinary.  Please, someone stop me.  The bad puns just keep popping into my head.  In addition to geometrics generally, it seems the interiors world has gone crazy for hexagons, specifically. One of my favourite mid-century modern designer, Isamu Noguchi, created a design classic […]

A Subtle-Luxe London Flat

poggenpohl kitchen

Just in case you think I have a general disdain for property developers, I should clarify that you can get some really good developments.  What separates the good from the bad just comes down to the care given to the details and finish. I visited a new development on Saturday […]


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