A Schwoerer Haus German Kit House Factory Visit

Schwoerer Haus Factory

Well, I finally got my factory visit organised at a date and time convenient for both Schwoerer and myself for the German kit house we are building. You get sent to the little town of Reutlingen outside of Stuttgart. Pretty much everyone in the are works for Schwoerer Haus.   The one (and only) accommodation Read Post

The Inside Scoop on the Gelato Festival

gelato festival

When I heard there was a gelato festival on at Shoreditch I knew I had to take the kids.  We love our gelato! The 6th Annual Gelato Festival is part of a tour around Europe of gelato masters.  They started in April in Firenze (Italy) and will end in October in Florence.  In the intervening Read Post

Sari Cakes That Are A Work of Art

sari cake

I met the Sari Cakes company last week at The Taste of London.  This company makes henna tattoo inspired cakes for celebrations. Each cake is individually iced at their cake studio in West London.  Following the stencils and traditions of traditional henna tattoos, each cake will be as individual as the artisan applying the icing. Read Post

The British Tea Break Etiquette

the perfect culpa

An email from Tetley showed up in my inbox promoting (what else?) tea. It was full of information about tea which I found fascinating.  All these years here in England, and I still don’t quite get all the etiquette around tea. Apparently, according to Tetley: UK workers are potentially damaging their productivity levels and wellbeing Read Post

Evolution and the Matter of Father’s Day

Evolution Bookends

Father’s Day is coming up.  For those of you who have dads who believe in the theory of evolution AND still have paper books, I love these Evolution bookends.   The Evolution Bookends are available from the Science Museum that pantheon dedicated to progress for £20.  If you order one-day delivery today, you’ll get it Read Post

Negotiating A Factory Visit To Stuttgart

Schwoerer Truck

“We have scheduled a factory visit for you in Stuttgart the last week of May.” the Schwoerer Haus sales representative beamed with pleasure.  He obviously expecting a similar delighted response from me. “That’s my children’s half term break from school.  I’ve already made plans to take them to Salzburg for the 50th anniversary of The Read Post

Summer Travel Tips

kid on holiday

Heading somewhere for the somewhere?  Hopefully you are. I found this cool infographic on making travel easier. I love the idea of passing on stuff to other people – we always donate our floaties to other kids in the pool.  They won’t deflate without popping so there’s no point in taking them home.  And it Read Post

A Progress Update on the Renovations

Image credit:  Kathleen Conkin

Wow! So much has happened and yet so very little progress has actually been made.  Welcome to the world of home renovation… The Flat Renovation The renovation of the flat is going apace.  The builder said 2 months to complete but 4 months along, we are still another month from completing.  The funny thing about Read Post

Zuperzozial for Attractive Eco-Friendly Homewares

superzozial nesting bowls

How pretty are these bowls?  Well, they are not only pretty but they are eco-friendly too.  The nest of bowls is from Zuperzozial, a range of homewares made from bamboo and corn powder.  The resulting material feels like stone and looks cool and contemporary.  Although hardy enough for regular everyday use, the range is biodegradable Read Post

Gardening Flash Sale at Secret Sales

SECRETSALES.com Garden Shop 2

Spring has finally come to London! The daffodils are blooming and the days are becoming brighter.  I don’t know about you but I’m glad winter is over.  With the spring thaw, I always think of getting the garden ready and flowers planted to enjoy as much of summer outside of the house as I can. Read Post