I Love You More Than My Phone

love more than phone

Sometimes I feel there are three of us in my relationship – my husband, his iPhone and me.  I hear this sort of overcrowding is becoming more common in relationships nowadays.

Dwell in Possibility

Dwell in Possibility

I love this quote from Emily Dickinson:  Dwell in Possibility. I’ve paired it up with a copper vase from Abigail Ahern and a gold glitter ampersand that my daughter found in some store.  If it glitters, she likes it. What do you think of the gold and copper combo?  

Our London Flat Post Renovation Part II

the new hallway

I showed you how the kitchen and bathrooms turned out in our London flat after the extensive renovation.  It took 6 months instead of the projected 8 weeks.  We had serious issues with the management company who were particularly useless.  They held up the job for a couple of months with endless paperwork and permits. Read Post

Our London Flat Post Renovation – Part I


I never got around to posting about the flat renovation I did last year.  The flat got finished during the summer when I was back in the USA. Here’s a quick refresher of what the flat used to look like – good bones but seriously dated.  It was a large 2 bedroom flat with one bathroom. Read Post

Waiting for Spring

It’s dark, grey and gloomy here in London. I bought some flowers to cheer up our home – orange ranunculus and blue hyacinth.  The Baccarat vase is a wedding gift I rarely use.  It’s hard coming up with an assortment of flowers that fits into it nicely.  I like the way these flowers look in Read Post

Hand-Drawn Indian Bottle


Here’s the bottle which I bought at House by Betty.  It is a simple Indian Kingfisher beer bottle transformed by a hand-drawn pattern. I have it on a window ledge together with a favourite quote from Robert Browning, a Victorian English poet.  

House by Betty: Vintage Yet Contemporary

house by Betty

I love this quirky store, House by Betty, in Narberth Wales.  It’s got design-led homeward and gifts from all around the world.  I bought a hand-painted Indian beer bottle which  I love. Have a look!

Swinging in the Sunshine

key west hammock

We loved this porch swing from Key West Hammocks so much that we bought it!  Our version is in wood but with blue fabric.  I can just see us sitting on the front porch with a glass of lemonade watching the world go by.  Of course, we may have to pry the kids off the Read Post