Float Like a Yanagi Butterfly Stool

Butterfly stool

I love the Yanagi butterfly stool which is considered a design classic.  Created by Japanese designer Sori Yanagi in 1954, the stool’s seat seems to flutter like a butterfly’s wings. The two identical L-shaped sides of the stool are screwed together in the middle using brass hardware.  The resulting shape is reminiscent of the red Read Post

Pedigreed and Poised: The Paul Smith+Anglepoise Collaboration

anglepoise + paul smith against a white background

The whole hyphenated surname thing is definitely more a British thing than American.  I presume both surnames are so important, that neither of them will give way to the other? So, when two British icons get together, it seems only natural that they would produce something that had a double-barrelled name.  In addition, in lieu of Read Post

Romance and the Wingback Chair

Picture this usual historical romance novel scene:  The roguish yet loveable hero sits smouldering (and, most likely, smoking) in his leather wingback chair in his study staring unseeingly at the blazing fire in front of him brooding on how to win the Love of His Life who has a mind of her own and refuses Read Post