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We live in North London in a double-fronted late Victorian house which was renovated completely in 2012.  Our entire street has similar houses built between the 1890’s and 1905.   A couple were bomb damaged during World War II.  Interestingly, our house was the Victorian developer’s own house while he was building the rest of the street.  There is one family still on the street whose grandfather bought their house straight from the developer.  Sadly, the developer must have gotten carried away selling off bits of his land because we have the smallest garden on the entire street :-(

London street

Click on the additional pages to see inside decor.

First, the entrance hall which has doors leading to the living areas and stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

Next up, the most used room in the house, the kitchen, and the room least used for its intended purpose, the dining room.

Finishing off the bottom floor, the primary living areas.

Upstairs, we have the master suite.

The children’s bedrooms are on the same floor as the master bedroom.

We also have the ancillary rooms such as the utility room and landing (page to follow).

Finally, the brand new 3rd floor created from the former attic space (page to follow).

And, outside, our little English garden.

We spend our summers at our house in New England.

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    1. Thanks! I liked your post on the fair. You spotted completely different things from me. Also so nice to see so many people we know in one spot – gives Hampstead that village feel I love.

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