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‘Tis The Season To Be Crafty


Having the children at home for the holidays has lots of pluses and one big minus.  My joy at having almost 3 weeks without doing the school run quickly wears out when I hear the children whining about being bored. To be fair, many vacations I do offload them at […]

Making Christmas Wreathes

christmas wreath

This year when I saw that Heals Events and Wild About, the florist, were running a wreath-making course, I jumped at the opportunity to make my own wreath.  I’ve not been entirely happy with wreaths I’ve bought in the past — too big, too small, too much dried fruit, etc. […]

Pop Art At The Sleep Hotel

Purpose Design_2Z9C3142small

The Sleep Hotel was a brief given to create 6 hotel rooms inspired by Pop Art at the Sleep Event which showcases European hotel design.  Sleep Hotel has been dubbed the ‘catwalk of hotel design’ and brought together 6 different leading and emerging hotel room designers to create a full-size hotel […]

What Are You Thankful For?

thanksgiving dinner

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA!  My favourite holiday because Thanksgiving just involves food, lots of it.  No presents, no decorating trees,  no Secret Santas etc.  Just the simple joy of overeating. We celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional way with turkey and all the fixings.  I also make my children (and […]

Family Skiing Holidays for the Non-skiiers

val d'isere

I think the skiing holiday tribe can be separated into three groups – the die-hard skier, the reluctant skier and the non-skier who goes along for the company.  I am definitely in the ski-so-long-as-its-not-too-hard category.  Mr. N, however, absolutely loves skiing and he wants our children to be good skiers. […]

Smashing Cakes

golf course cake

Have you heard of smash cakes?  They are hollow chocolate cakes that you smash with a hammer and the inside contains further goodies, such as small chocolates, gifts or toys.  It’s effectively a pinata cake. Smash cakes have grown quite popular in the United States for first birthday parties in […]

Sleeping on Scaffolding

William bed

Would you consider adding a bit of industrial furniture to your home?  It would be right in line with the trend for edgy interiors and for recycling salvage for your home. I had scaffolding up on our house for so long during our refurbishment that I may be partial to scaffolding. And, I’ve […]


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