Our London Flat Post Renovation Part II

I showed you how the kitchen and bathrooms turned out in our London flat after the extensive renovation.  It took 6 months instead of the projected 8 weeks.  We had serious issues with the management company who were particularly useless.  They held up the job for a couple of months with endless paperwork and permits. Read Post

Our London Flat Post Renovation – Part I

I never got around to posting about the flat renovation I did last year.  The flat got finished during the summer when I was back in the USA. Here’s a quick refresher of what the flat used to look like – good bones but seriously dated.  It was a large 2 bedroom flat with one bathroom. Read Post

My Grand Design (or A Fool Who Lives in Hope)


We’ve finally gotten planning permission last week for our house from the local Council! Yay!  Almost a year later. Delays in Design To be fair, we had to resubmit plans because the planning officer because she hated how modern the first plan was.  God forbid, we build anything other than a bog-standard 1930’s Mock Tudor Read Post

Negotiating A Factory Visit To Stuttgart

Schwoerer Truck

“We have scheduled a factory visit for you in Stuttgart the last week of May.” the Schwoerer Haus sales representative beamed with pleasure.  He obviously expecting a similar delighted response from me. “That’s my children’s half term break from school.  I’ve already made plans to take them to Salzburg for the 50th anniversary of The Read Post

A Progress Update on the Renovations

Wow! So much has happened and yet so very little progress has actually been made.  Welcome to the world of home renovation… The Flat Renovation The renovation of the flat is going apace.  The builder said 2 months to complete but 4 months along, we are still another month from completing.  The funny thing about Read Post

What Should Be A Simple Renovation

lemon yellow bathroom

I’m feeling antsy on the interiors front because Casa del Dumpo is back in the planning application process.  I wanted to make some minor changes to the planning application that was granted to the developer from whom we had bought the house.  Typically, the minor changes got bigger as soon as we started looking at Read Post

Another Day, Another Development

kitchen light

New developments sprout up in our area on a regular basis.  I know there is a lot of old housing stock which is getting bought up and refurbished.  There are also refurbishments of refurbishments.  On our former street in St. John’s Wood, a house that had been completely redone by a developer was then refurbished Read Post

A Facelift for a Mock Tudor House

mock tudor

We bought Casa del Dumpo with two alternative planning permissions in place.  One option allows for the refurbishment of the current house which would result in a modernised  Mock Tudor house.  The second option allows for a total rebuild but along traditional lines. With its brick facade and a pillared entrance, in my opinion, the faux Greek/generic Read Post

Home Renovation Update

front porch added

Our summer home has been having a facelift over the winter.  The wish list I set out last year for our architect was definitely ambitious.  Due to budget and timing constraints we have had to cut back completely on adding the garage.  I won’t get to visit our house until July but we have been Read Post

Summer Home Reno: Inspiration

Bricks and stones won’t break my bones, but they can send me into a state of frenzy.  The only way to not drive yourself crazy is to be fairly organised.  First, though you need to come up with the inspiration!  After all, you have to know what to organise. I always envision what I want Read Post