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Oh Buoy! Nautical Salvage Style

bouys on a fence

As an island, buoys are a fairly commonplace sight on Martha’s Vineyard.  Some stylish islanders, however, are finding creative ways to use buoys around their house and gardens.  I’ve heard some of the older islanders are astonished at the prices you can get now for disused or damaged buoys!  The […]

A Houdini on The Wrong Side of the Law

Mark DeFriest in jail

I love the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society which has a really good record of screening thought-provoking films and then providing discussions afterwards with people involved in the story.  Last year, I had seen The Queen of Versailles about the effect of the credit crunch on the American Dream.  Last month […]

Diamonds For Your Home

yellow grey cage light

You know I have a love affair with industrial design, right?  Cage lights and industrial design are forever linked.  You do, however, find some uninspiring new designs of cage lights. Yet, the original vintage but rewired cage lights tend to be really pricey.  And, let’s face it some of them […]

A McMansion To Rule Them All

The Queen of Versailles

Have you heard of the 2012 film documentary The Queen of Versailles?  It is a fascinating documentary of the American Dream as reimagined in the 21st century. For starters, what is the American Dream?  As defined by historian James Truslow Adams, who coined the phrase in 1931, the American Dream […]

From Sea to Shining Sea

falmouth church

The Shining Sea Bikeway is a cycle path on Upper Cape Cod.  The bikeway runs from the fishing village of Woods Hole to the village of North Falmouth for a little over 10 miles following the path of now-defunct rail trail.  It’s an easy and scenic bike path which my […]

Will A Teardown End In Tears?

front of house

I’ve recently been on the search for a new London home.  It’s always the same – lots of overpriced properties that you have to sift through to find one possible house that you would consider buying.  My ideal house would be a teardown – an existing house that you can […]

You Can’t Go Home Again

girl with luggage

Today is moving day.  The movers are at the house packing up our daily life into boxes. Why the move?  I was heavily influenced by fellow blogger Doris Lee who writes at Diary of An Interior Novice.  In a post back in April (right before Easter holidays), she mentioned some […]


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