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You Can’t Go Home Again

girl with luggage

Today is moving day.  The movers are at the house packing up our daily life into boxes. Why the move?  I was heavily influenced by fellow blogger Doris Lee who writes at Diary of An Interior Novice.  In a post back in April (right before Easter holidays), she mentioned some […]

Another Concrete Section in the Wall

fragment of the berlin wall

The Berlin Wall went up early on a Sunday morning  on the 13th of August 1961 while most Berliners were still sleeping.  The military and some forced-into-volunteering people started demolishing the streets and installing the beginnings of a wall with concrete breeze blocks.  The wall cut through apartment buildings, cemeteries, […]

London and its Village Fairs

marylebone summer fayre

London likes to think of itself as a series of villages strung together to make a big city.  In many ways, this representation is probably accurate. In our neck of the woods, for example, Hampstead and Highgate both started off villages outside the city of London itself.  Hampstead, for example, […]

A Tom Vac By Any Other Name

Tom Woof by Coffey Architects

The Tom Vac Chair  was designed by Ron Arad in 1999 for Vitra.  Made from steel and polypropylene, this chair not only looks good but makes an even more comfortable seat.  Incredibly versatile, this chair can be used both indoors and outdoors and also can be stacked five high. I […]

Funky Cool Marrakech Medina

souks selling lamps

Marrakech has the largest collection of souks in Morocco which are justly famous for their exotic wares.  The souks were traditionally (and still are) separated according to the items being made and sold, for example,  leather goods, slippers, spices, jewellery or lighting.   Craftsman work in the areas where the […]


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