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Whose Afraid of the Scarecrow?

scarecrows RHS hampton court

Are you feeling autumnal?  Even with the seasonal weather, I was thinking my family needed a reminder that summer was over.  With Halloween just around the corner, if we were in the U.S., we’d be inundated with autumn and Halloween decor. On Sunday when we had the torrential downpour of […]

Valentino Red and the St Regis Rome

couture suite bedroom

The other day I wrote about adding the colour red into your home interiors.  Red has been filtering into home decor from the runways. Let’s take a look at how noted interiors firm, HBA London, injected both elements of fashion and red into the Couture Suite they created for the […]

Aww, Shucks, Thanks You Guys


I was delighted to find out I’d been awarded a Liebster Award by two different bloggers  within the space of a week.  Wow!  It’s always nice to know that someone’s reading your posts (other than Mr. N who gives me a “like” for every post – thanks honey!). A Liebster […]

Red Hot and Right Now

john lewis cushions

Do you love the colour red?  Well, continuing on from the theme that fashion trends translate into home decor, we are seeing lots of red in interiors these days. Red just provides such a shot of high-octane glamour.  Let’s see how that works in the home. Are you ready to […]

Inside Design Amsterdam

You wouldn’t think seven-year-olds would do a design tour of Amsterdam would you?  Well, my children surprised even me.  OK, I admit, I sprinkled in design stores with liberal stops for snacks and playgrounds. The weekend we were in Amsterdam was the 10th annual city tour for Elle Inside Design Amsterdam. […]

Amsterdam in the Autumn

Amsterdam canal

I had known Amsterdam had a lot of parks, but I wasn’t expecting the areas outside of the official parks to be so well planted. Amsterdam’s famous flower market was pretty but not as busy as I thought it would be.  We were clearly off-season. The flower market is famous […]

Living on the Edge

the wife is always right

Punk is back!  Of course, if you happen to walk by Camden High Street, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s never left. The Met Ball earlier in the year had Punk: Chaos to Couture as its theme.  You can check out Vogue’s coverage of the celebrity outfits here.  It’s reappeared […]


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