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Happy Birthday Anna G!

Red hot in a tribal mask

You’ve seen Anna G around.  She’s long, lean and always has a playful smile on her face.  She likes to hang out in nice kitchens usually near a bottle of wine.  Yes, that Anna G!  The iconic Alessi corkscrew shaped like a woman was created by Italian architect, designer and […]

Moody Rooms, Warm Metallics

brass lamps with grey walls

The interiors trend for warm metals is still going strong.  I think they look particularly striking when paired with a dark background.  This combination can show a strong Asian look. Warm metallics and dark rooms can also create a very contemporary style. The bronze lamp here really brings the charcoal […]

A Bit of Medieval Norway in South Dakota


The Borgund Stavkirke, located near Laerdal Norway, was built about 1150 AD.  In 1969, Americans of Norwegian immigrant descent created an exact replica in Rapid City, South Dakota.  They had the permission and architectural plans supplied by the Norwegian government and the help of a master carver in Norway. The […]

Simple Summer Pleasures


Sometimes the simple pleasures of summer can be the most fun (and delicious!).  We love to pick fruit and vegetables from farms we encounter on our summer travels.  Children seem to think fruit is even more delicious if they have picked it themselves. This summer we did a lot of […]

The Solitary and Silent Road of Penitence

a cell block at eastern penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) in Philadelphia was the world’s first penitentiary – a place for wrongdoers to achieve penitence for their sins, as opposed to prisons which just punished its inmates.  Operational from 1829 to 1979, it was based on Quaker principles of punishment, atonement and (radically for that time) […]


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